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Ethiopia is not of this world. It is a treasure trove, an ancient burial ground for millennia worth of antiquities. Think of the hidden tombs of Queen of Sheba and then go all the way to the giant obelisks or even the churches of Lalibela cut out from large rocks.

Seems Mother Nature was planning something exquisite for Ethiopia. It left a lasting imprint of history on its surface from deep canyons to steep peaks, lakes of varying colours to volcanoes that boil and bubble. Here are some of the best signature attractions you must visit to take in the splendours of Ethiopia.


About thousand years back, a particular king was poisoned and then flown to heaven by angels. There he witnesses a church carve out of rock and when commanded by God to return to Earth and recreate what he saw, he came back and made Lalibela.


Aksum is actually an intriguing place. Was the Queen of Sheba actually residing in this dusty place? Is the chapel in this tiny place the real resting grounds for the Ark of the Covenant carried by Moses? Is it possible that hordes of treasure lie hidden somewhere in undiscovered tombs in the city? This place is a world heritage site.


Referred as the Camelot of Africa, this particular place is riddled with plenty of turreted castles and has a history bathed in treachery and bloodshed. Many of these castles date back from the 17th and 18th century making it an impressive historical destination.

Simien Mountains

Basically a table of rocks that rises nearly 4500m into the sky with an amazing view of everything around. The trek to the top also happens to be filled with exciting views and good amount of natural wonders.

Churches of Tigray

There are hundreds of ancient monasteries riddled across the mountains of Northern Ethiopia. These monasteries are sometimes invisible or guarded by rock-faces, tree covers and more. It is said that many of the monasteries are protected by sword-wielding ghosts or invisible guardians.

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